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Hun Hill Cool Cash

D.O.B.  6-11-2014

Cash has sired 14 litters thus far. 4.5 and 4 males for an average of
8.5 healthy pups per litter

Health Certificates;

Hips….PennHIP  0.28 Left, 0.25 Right

Elbows.. OFA- Normal

Thyroid.. OFA – Normal

Cardiac…OFA- Normal

K-Locus- KBKB- will not allow fawn, brindle tan points in offspring.

Cash 1.jpg
Cash  closeup.JPG

He is an awesome retriever with an incredible soft mouth. I’ve
witnessed him break ice in the Snake River to retrieve a pheasant.
Many times Cash has brought back chukars that I didn’t even know that I had hit. He’s never been one to enjoy a game of fetch but in the field he knows that retrieval of shot game is his job.

Cash is an everyday hunter during or long Idaho upland season. He’s my “go-to” dog. He has pointed and retrieved wild chukars, Hungarian
partridge, valley quail, blue grouse, ruffed grouse, sage grouse,
sharp-tailed grouse, bobwhite quail, blue grouse, mearns quail,
pheasant and spruce grouse. He never ceases to amaze me with his
versatility. Drop him in a strange covert in a strange state and he
acts like he’s hunted these birds his entire life. Cash has that
desirable “Griffon switch” where he is a mellow lover in the house and
a driven bird dog in the field. He is the most eager to please dog
I’ve ever had.

His coat is the best in the business. It has been judged harsh and
dense. Although well furnished it isn’t crazy. Cockleburs easily brush off his body. Combing them out of his furnishings take a little more effort. Cash has that minimal shedding that is so desirable in a Griffon. His feet are tight so we never experience any foot issues. Tight feet are very important to us since we hunt chukars in lava rock and scree. We’ve seen many dogs end up with torn or sore pads after only a few hours in our coverts. He is a sturdy, rugged dog with uncommon stamina.

We’ve worked with a number of his prodigy and they all have proven to be very birdy and fast starters.

cash  missed birds.JPG
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